Measuring attention online with AttentionTracking™

Capturing attention is a critical first steps in the process of marketing. Measuring attention therefore is an important method in marketing research to optimize the advertising effect.

AttentionTracking™ is an interactive, online-based method for measuring attention. In contrast to the classic mechanistic eye movement measuring (eye tracking), with AttentionTracking™ the attention is measured with the computer mouse. While respondents complete a game-like test on their home pc, it is exactly documented what they are looking at while regarding a visual on their screen.

The procedure makes use of the fact that humans only have one single, indivisible attention which controls motor function as well as perception. Faulty entries or intentional faulty tests can be filtered out by complex, scientific algorithms.

No software needs to be installed on the respondent´s computer for AttentionTracking™. The independence from further soft- and hardware (e.g. eye camera) makes the test universally applicable. Intensive research works and studies confirm: AttentionTracking™ is a valid method for attention measurement.


Excerpts from the results of AttentionTracking™

Example: Ad from Deutsche Post, attention of 450 respondents.

Use AttentionTracking™ to optimize the advertising effect:


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