Measuring emotions online with EmotionTracking™

TV commercials need to engage consumers from the beginning and keep the tension to the very end to be successful. That is why measuring emotion is a very useful marketing research method to uncover strengths and problems of a commercial.

With EmotionTracking™ emotions can be measured directly while viewing a TV commercial or listening to a radio commercial. The procedure records the levels of suspense and the amplitude of the emotion curve of the respondents.

EmotionTracking is an innovative advancement of established procedures (slide control). An essential innovation of it is that the feedback about the position of the slide control happens via the peripheral viewing of the respondents. Thus, the attention of the respondent is no longer distracted from the displayed item by the operating device.

No special software needs to be installed on the respondents´ computer for EmotionTracking™. The independence of further soft- and also hardware (slide control) allows for the test to be conducted online and thus a larger and more complex target group can be reached quickly and supra-regionally.

Excerpts from results of EmotionTracking™

Example: TV commercial from Stage - The Lion King, Emotions of 100 respondents

Lion King - Original

1. Original

Can the TV commercial emotionalize?

Which scenes have a positive effect? Which a negative one?

Can the story keep up suspense?

Lion King - emotional rating

2. Emotional Rating

A curve shows parallel to the commercial when the commercial was rated positively and when it was rated negatively.

Lion King - emotional trend

3. Emotional Trend

Every shift in the emotional rating can be assigned to a corresponding scene in the TV commercial.

Lion King - Validating

4. Characteristic values

Validated statistical values give possibilities of orientation and comparison.

Use EmotionTracking to optimize the advertising effect:


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