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How to optimize the advertising effect

MediaAnalyzer's patented online marketing research tools and technologies help you compete in a constantly changing media landscape where the consumer is in charge. We deliver insight and actionable recommendations for all touch points with customers and help to optimize the advertising effect.

Advertising – We offer a broad range of marketing research tools to help you better control the communication with consumers. Our tools are used to optimize print, online and out of home advertising as well as TV commercials to improve its respective advertising effect.

Brand & Consumer – The battle continues when the consumer goes to the retail outlet, whether online or bricks and mortar. To ensure the invested budget test the advertising effect: Make sure your marketing at point of sale and your packaging stands out and reinforces the story told in your advertising.

Media Research – It is essential that you choose the best outlet for your message. MediaAnalyzer delivers insight and recommendations for identifying the best advertising outlets for your message.





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MediaAnalyzer is...

  • Innovative - Deeper analyses by combining Measurement & Survey
  • Fast - Results in 1 - 2 weeks
  • Actionable - Clear direction for optimizing impact, branding, understanding and purchase intent
  • Valid - Large geographically diverse samples ensure accuracy


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